AEC Signature 2013 Road Map

In 2012 version, we incorporated the Professional Reports, Time Tracking, and a new UI look, which we will keep as we move forward.In this version of AEC Signature 2013, we hope to include several enhancements listed below.

1. The ability to insert a Bar Code and QR Code Block into your drawing.

2. Professional Seal Maker. Make a conforming seal that works with the software automatically.

3. Future work that will override and augment the security settings in the Autocad file. These will support Military Classifications of Security with CAD drawings. More on this as these features are implemented.

4. Object Export Filters. The ability to export only selected drawing features.  More on this as these features are implemented.

We will always keep the AEC Signature software FREE to Autodesk users. However, the high level granularity security settings will not be included with the FREE version. There will be a vetting process, which may take up to an year. After that, these are Commercial and Military grade settings, and ,if needed, will be an additional purchase to activate the base software. then may justify the cost of a purchased license.

Keep checking this site on the progress of these changes. You will be able to download these directly from our site, and only replace the dll’s in the folders. Since there are no licensing restrictions, the updates will be an easy transition.

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